Fed up working on bad code?

You work on a legacy Ruby project and the code is bad or worse. Understanding the code takes a lot of effort, isn’t easy at all. Adding features and fixing bugs is slow, hard and distressing. You’re fed up working on it.

What if things were different?

Most of the code is clean and easy to understand, and when it’s not, you enjoy refactoring it into good code. It’s easy and fast to add features and fix bugs. You’re quite happy working on this project.

But how can you achieve that?

I’ve prepared a FREE 5-lesson course that teaches how to be happy working on bad code and ship features faster. The secret is to turn the code you’re working on, into good code, and only then start adding a new feature or fixing a bug.

In the course, you’ll learn:

  • the exact tactics I use to turn bad code into good clean code
  • how to keep code clean in the long run
  • how to prepare a report on the code quality of your project, that your team can use to help refactoring your project

I explain refactoring techniques, good code practices, and automated tools you can use to help keep code clean.

Fed up working on bad code? Here’s a way out!

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What people say about the course

Devon Campbell on the happy bad code course
March 27, 2017

Dmitry’s course changed the way I think about writing code. The strategies he teaches have made me and all the people I work with much happier because we now work with code that’s written for us to read.

Rob Zolkos on bad code course
March 27, 2017

Dmitry's course is excellent. Following Dmitry's course helped us refactor our application and reduce technical debt whilst making the tests faster. I highly recommend Dmitry's course to any teams that are finding their development efforts slow or hard due to a large amount of technical debt. His approach is deliberate, informative and fun.


I could just read a book on refactoring. Why take this course instead?

This course is meant to give you the shortest way from being fed up working with bad code to happiness. I’m not using all the stuff that’s there in Martin Fowler’s Refactoring: Ruby edition, and yet, I enjoy working with bad code. A book is for further reading.

I don’t write Ruby. It seems that the course is not for me.

I’ll let a JavaScript dev answer this:

Devon on bad code course FAQ
April 7, 2017

This course teaches you how to think about writing better code. It's less about the syntax and more about planning ahead. The code in the course is written in Ruby which is a very readable language. Even if you don't write Ruby, don't let that turn you away. This course will teach you how to make code better in any language.

Fed up working on bad code? Here’s a way out!

Enter your email below to get my FREE course How to be Happy Working on Bad Ruby Code

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