Find out how to ship features faster and have a happier team with Technical Debt Audit

Did it take quite a long time to ship the latest feature for your Rails app? Does it take a long time every time? Is your team not that happy anymore?

What if you could know what's slowing down development and how to fix it? What if you could ship your next feature faster and with a happier team?

While many factors can slow down development, one of the biggest is technical debt. The larger technical debt is, the harder it is to add features and it's bad for morale too.

I will assess how badly your app's technical debt slows down development, and will deliver a report with advice and practical steps on how to improve the situation.

What will my report look like?

Very similar to this audit report I've written.

What's included?

I will go through your Rails app's most changed code and deliver the following:

  1. Assessment of how large your technical debt is. The larger it is, the more of development speedup and morale boost you stand to gain from paying it off.
  2. Notes of the techical debt traits I've found and a list of refactoring techniques your team can use to fix those traits.

You will get:

  • Understanding of the amount of speedup you can expect.
  • Practical steps and advice to make development faster and more enjoyable.

Perfect Code Money-back guarantee

If I find that I can't help you with improving your technical debt - because your app's code quality is so good (or for any other reason), I'll return your money.

Technical Debt Audit costs $1600.

Got any questions? Email me and I’ll get back to you shortly.

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