Does it take a long time to add features to your Rails SaaS app? Does your team feel demotivated, depressed, burned out? Is it hard and time-consuming to fix bugs? The probable cause for that is that your codebase is hard to understand and difficult to change.

If you leave it be, things aren’t going to improve. On the contrary, with each added feature, it’ll get worse, because your app will become more complex. It will take even longer to add features, fix bugs and more bugs will inevitably be introduced. Low team morale means low energy and low efficiency. In the end, your customers suffer, because they have to wait longer for features and have to deal with more bugs.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Adding features can be easier and faster. The amount of new bugs can be reduced, and the codebase can be a joy to work on!

How can it be improved? I can do it by refactoring your app’s code and helping your team to improve their refactoring skills. Your code will be more readable, leading to faster feature development. Also, when you have clean code that’s easy to understand, you’ll tend to create fewer bugs and have an easier time fixing existing bugs. Money is saved as your team is more productive, and having happy customers leads to more sales and more revenue.

I will also introduce a test suite if you haven’t got one yet. This helps to reduce the occurrence of new bugs and prevents the same bugs from appearing again and again.

Brendon Miur on Technical Debt Audit
August 14, 2017

Before working with Dmitry, our application had no test suite due to time constraints. I always knew we needed tests, but Dmitry helped put things into action. He created a set of unit and integration tests that mean we can now make code changes with confidence. I found Dmitry's critical thinking helpful. An example of this was his encouraging us to use Continuous Integration (CI). Now our tests run automatically each time we push any changes to Github. I definitely recommend Dmitry’s Technical Debt Rescue service for anyone looking to reduce development time by prioritising testing and/or refactoring. Dmitry is a very careful coder and I could definitely trust in his work.

Rob Zolkos on Technical Debt Rescue
April 18, 2017

Dmitry's services are excellent. Dmitry helped us refactor our application and his knowledge of Ruby and Rails architecture is excellent. I highly recommend Dmitry to any project or business that is finding their development efforts slow or hard due to a large amount of technical debt. His approach is deliberate and informative, and all members of the team will benefit from his thorough explanations and guidance.

Would you like me to help with your SaaS app? My weekly rate is $2500.

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