A real-world example of technical debt

Creating technical debt can be as simple as writing a draft and not refactoring it. That's exactly what I've done here. Now, I want to go through my code and see if it does, in fact, have technical debt. I wrote a script to show me a quote from a light novel I'm a fan of. The script is called as overlord_quote , and it prints a random quote made of 6 sentences. First, it matches all sentences with

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Is it always a good idea to split long methods into smaller ones? An experiment.

There's a long discussion on Reddit named Is it OK to split long functions and methods into smaller ones even though they won't be called by anything else?. Some people in that discussion hold an opinion that it's not always the best idea to split a long method into smaller methods. Well, of course, you can refactor code in many different ways, including ways that read worse than the original long method. But I think that in most cases

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