acts_as_list refactoring part 3

I refactor acts_as_list Ruby gem again: watch as I choose better names, strip unnecessary variables, work with some ActiveRecord internals and make code intent clearer. In this refactoring adventure I'm going to focus on just one 11-line method, and surprisingly, there's a lot of things that can be improved in just one method. You don't need to read part 2 and part 1 to understand this article. acts_as_list is a Rails gem. It allows you to treat Rails model

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CreateSend refactoring part 2

Today I'm continuing to refactor a library called CreateSend. The first part is here. In part 1 I've finished all class methods of Base classs and now I'm going to refactor instance methods. Step 1: initialize method initialize (see above ↑) chooses not to use named arguments, and treats method arguments as an array of many arguments. And yet, it only processes one argument from the whole args array. It's misleading to accept arguments and throw them away. It

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